Monday, July 17, 2006

Transformation, Missiles and David

In this level-headed post by the Big Pharaoh I read that Nassrallah's public appearances hint at a change in his attitude; that he's more apologetic now, a wee bit more subdued.

It is not surprising.

As everyone knows, for any movie to be successful, it is important for its protagonists to go through dramatic transformation. Yesterday I filled a wide blank in my cinematic resume and viewed on DVD the conclusion to the first star wars trilogy. As I watched young Anakin Skywalker complete his move to the dark side, I couldn't help but think of the young Nassrallah (let's call him Darth Nassr, shall we?) who, albeit in different circumstances and with no light saber, must go through his own transformation, and become, from an arrogant and elusive leader of a relatively successful terrorist organization, into an arrogant and elusive leader of a relatively successful terrorist organization that must hide in bunkers and face the wrath of the Lebanese who hold him responsbile for eliciting this new round of bloodshed. One wonders how many midi-chlorians he'd have to manipulate to get of THIS mess, huh?

Speaking of movies, I've also recently realized why Israeli intelligence was caught with its undies down a few days ago when Hezbullah hit one of our battle ships with a direct ground-to-sea missile, an Iranian missile the intelligence community apparently didn't know existed. You see, it's because of the movies. In every action movie, especially those spy or anti-terrorism flicks where the hero is always played by Harrison Ford and his family is always put in danger, you can count on two consistent truths: 1) The good guys will always hit their mark; 2) The bad guys will always miss it. I think it would be fair to say that our otherwise-competent intelligence officers have been watching way too much Hollywood crap in recent years. The remedy, of course, would be either to read this blog, or to make them watch reality TV, where there are never any good guys, yet you can at least count on Harrison Ford to either eat a cockroach or, hopefully, beat the crap out of the baddest bad ass in TV history: David Hasselhoff.


At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

Darth Nasser? I love it! Much more original than "Satan," which is my preferred nickname.

By the way, I put you on Hanan's aggregator of Israeli blogs in English


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